Results of First IV Ozone Infusion
Wednesday, April 19, 2017 at 5:23PM
Fried Nerves and Jam

Ozone IV Update:

The results of the IV Ozone Infusion yesterday have been interesting to say the least. As my stem cell transplant is still considered a trial (even though my doctor has done over 3,000) they are requiring a certain patient population to supplement their transplant with additional medical procedures prior to and post op to help garner more data on the procedure protocol and results. For me, it is undergoing Ozone IV Infusions. 

The initial side effects were fatigue and a pretty intense headache that lasted through noon today. This afternoon is where I noticed the greatest improvement in my condition. Normally I am unable to sit no longer than 20 minutes at a time, only two minutes at a time when in an active flare. Today, I went to my daughter's riding lesson and was able to sit in my chair the entire time which was an hour and a half. Ozone infusions help greatly with inflammation and a majority of pain is caused by inflammation. I have not necessarily had an increase in energy as was a possibility mentioned to me by the nurse. She also suggested I may feel a sort of nesting syndrome and to not overdo it physically if it occurs which has not been the case as well. However, it seems the greatest benefit I am noticing has to do with decrease in my pain levels, which is one of the greatest results I could ever hope for. Just to have one afternoon to simply enjoy life as it should be is a gift. Although this is only a temporary improvement and one of five infusions I am to undergo prior to The stem cell transplant in June, this exercise in experimenting with the human body and discovering its potential is fascinating and one I am excited to be a part of!

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